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LOOK INTO MY EYES AND GET OUT OF MY LAND!" (via Johayna جهينة خالدية)

I wonder how vocal the media will be in calling out the ~new government~ once it comes into force. There’s already instances of how editors, journalists are worshipping the rising sun and white washing Modi’s image by constantly harping about the so called “clean chit”, absolving him of any wrong doing. It says something when foreign media (Guardian, NYTimes, Telegraph, The Economist) has been more hard on Modi for his role in 2002 than the Indian media. Also, the corporate houses running news channels (Network 18 anyone?) have been constantly urging their editors to tone down their criticism and give more footage to Modi compared to his rivals.

The recent farcical India TV “interview” was a prime example of this. The stage managed crowd, the soft-ball questions. Even yesterday’s interview of his to ANI involved no cross questioning or countering of his points by the interviewer.

I wonder if this will continue after the elections too. As this piece in Business Standard states, the institutions like Courts and Media are more than happy to be compliant when a autocratic leader is at the helm. There are still some journalists who are sticking to their guns. Past instances prove that Modi doesn’t take too kindly of people questioning his authority. It is highly ostensible that he goes after the activists and journalists who’ve chosen to speak out against him once he’s at the top position. The firing of Hartosh Bal Singh and Manu Joseph was the beginning of the things to come.


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